Work in Collections

Haags Gemeentemuseum Den Haag NL
Museum Boymans van Beuningen Rotterdam NL
Van Abbe museum Eindhoven NL
Centraal Museum Utrecht NL
AMC Academisch Ziekenhuis Amsterdam NL
Erasmus Medisch Centrum, Universiteit Rotterdam NL
Teylers Museum Haarlem NL
Rotterdamse Stadsschouwburg, Rotterdam NL
Haags Historisch Museum, Den Haag NL
Cabinet des Estampes/Bibliothèque d'art et d'archéologie Geneva CH
Flat files Kentler International Drawing Center Brooklyn New York US
NIMK/LIMA Nederlands Instituut voor Media Kunst, Amsterdam NL
Groninger Museum, Groningen NL
Museum Weserburg, Studienzentrum Künstlerpublikationen, Bremen DE
Fondation Michalsky in Montricher CH
Private collections


1947 born Loon op Zand The Netherlands, lives in Rotterdam The Netherlands

1970 certificate teaching creative handcrafts and drawing, Academy art education, Tilburg NL
1971 first visit Ireland, including Inis Oírr

1972 training teacher drama, Theaterschool, Amsterdam NL theatre training by  a.o. Jan Ritsema

1972 - 77 work as a teacher in creative handcrafts and drawing in secundary schools

1979 from: artistic activities: performances, performative installations with sound and movement,  Interactive works in semi-public space. Lectures and workshops at art educational institutes home and abroad

1990 from on: performances, hand written drawings, hand written books
2003 residential stay at Aras Eanna,Inis Oírr Aran islands Ireland
2004 residential stay at Kentler International Drawing Space Brooklyn New York
2003 from: curatorial activities: organizing Sub urban video lounge Rotterdam. Events: Words Live 1, 2, and 3, Music and Film
2011 residential stay Red Stables Dublin Ireland.
Residential stay in Nodar Portugal together with Myriam van Imschoot (B)
2013 curatorial: Words Live 4  event on language and voice, various artists at Perdu Amsterdam and Wallgallery Rotterdam
2014 residential stay at Kerspit, Gent, Belgium
2015 residential stay in Istanbul Turkey. Residential stay in India.
Curatorial: Arf Arf and friends Wallgallery Rotterdam
2016 studio rotating and spiral movements. Re-writing work descriptions of movements.


2017 - 2018
performing Rotations and Spirals on outdoor locations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Dublin and Galway, in collaboration with Geert van Mil
Toine Horvers reading Hans Stevens performance/installation. For eight hours reading from Hans Stevens' texts. PARK Tilburg NL
working on the book Liggen/Lying describing bed-positions of Jo and me after waking up in the morning. To be published 2019
working on the book bewegen - schrijven,  moving - writing re-descriptions of my performances since 1979. To be published 2020
working on Crossing, remake of group performance at PARK Tilburg, to be performed march 2019

Raag Suha voice performance based on singing along with Gundecha Brothers, dhrupad singers from India
Travel through India attending music performances and concerts
Rotation 2 performative movement, various locations
Rotation 3 performative movement, various locations
Spiral performative movement, various locations

Language voice performance as part of workshop Srishti school for art and design Bangalore India
Residential stay at Srishti school for art and design Bangalore India
Waves 2011 voice performance at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art Newcastle
Rotation 1 performative movement performed on different locations
Residential stay in Istanbul Turkey
Workshop at MIAM conservatorium Istanbul Turkey
DAY am/pm 24-hour performative installation Rumpfsti Pumsti (musik) Berlin
Arf Arf and friends, curatorial with various artists Wallgallery Rotterdam

Real space - Real time performance real time copying aloud newsreaders from BBC World-news and Aljazeera. Urban Explorers festival Dordrecht NL.
Scheepshoorn (Ship's horn) voice performance as part of literature-festival Woordnacht Rotterdam.
Chartres One Voice performative reading for 4 voices at Entrepot Fictief Gent Belgium.
Entrepot Fictief Gent B exhibition of drawings
Kerspit Gent B residency and presentations of my book Chartres, one hour of sound......
Chartres....... lecture about my book Chartres at Perdu, Centre for experimental literature, Amsterdam.
Skolska 28 live voice-sound event in Prague, with Marcus Bergner and Myriam van Imschoot, Doreen Kutzke and students.

Arf Arf Melbourne performing sound poetry with Frank Lovace and Marissa Stirpe in Melbourne Australia.
It was big enough...... participation in Rosie Heinrichs voice/text performance, together with Emilie Gallier.
Words Live 4 live-event language and voice, various artists in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
book: Mei, sounds of birds in a dune valley one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset nr. 143 Slibreeks Zeeland
News of the world directly copying aloud fragments of new items in various languages. Lokaal 01 Breda NL
Zangvogels (singing birds) reading aloud descriptions of birds in a park.
een boek EN vocalizing texts by Tilburg artist/writer Hans Stevens on different locations
Waves 2011 written/spoken performance with descriptions of the waves in Ireland 2011 at Phoebus Rotterdam

book: Chartres, one hour of sound in a Gothic cathedral  artists publication on language and sound. Onomatopee Eindhoven NL
Singelstemmen sound performance, Luchtsingel Rotterdam  i.c.w. Myriam van Immschoot. Sculpture International Rotterdam
Rolling 6 12 hour sound performance, Luchtsingel Rotterdam, Sculpture International Rotterdam
Zeetijding realtime announcements of ships in and out the Port of Rotterdam, Museum De Paviljoens Almere.
Magaio Panorama Poetry International Rotterdam, double panorama Portugal, observed, described  and performed in Phoebus Gallery in coöperation with Myriam van Imschoot.
Beijerkoppen completion public artwork in Rotterdam with live-portraits of news readers, in collaboration with Rotterdam artist Paul Cox
One Voice Prague four-voice unisono piece for Echofluxx Prague, based on personal data of the four  performers in English, Czech, Spanish and Dutch
One Voice unisono-spoken text by Samuel Vriezen in collaboration with Marcus Bergner, Rumpsti Pumsti Berlin
CD-box published by Tochnit Aleph Berlin: Selected recordings of performances and installations 1982 - 2004

Curatorial: Sub urban Live: Music & Film live event about collaborations between filmmakers and musicians, i.c.w. Goethe-Institut Rotterdam
Red Stables two month residency Dublin Ireland
Copying as a ritual act exhibition and performance Pallas Projects Dublin Ireland
Copying as a ritual act 2 performative installation in Pallas Projects Dublin with participation of students of DIT and NCAD
Copying as a ritual act publication with audio-CD and handwritten pages.
Zeetijding Maassluis performative installation about in- and outgoing ships in the Port of Rotterdam

Copying as a ritual act sound/image publication TocAleph Berlin
Exhibition handwritten books and drawings Radboud University Library Nijmegen NL
Exhibition and performance Voorkamer Lier Belgium
Voice scapes one month residency Nodar Portugal in collaboration with Myriam van Imschoot.
Vozes Magaio, landscape project, bridging long distances with voices, in collaboration with Myriam van Imschoot.


Intimate Self portrait, performance for Crimmp #2 at OCW Rotterdam curated by Arnold Schalks
Exhibition of hand written books at Christoph Daviet-Thery, publisher of artists editions, Paris
Writing Lecture Performance in relation to the publication Writing Lecture at Christoph Daviet-Thery, Paris
Sound scape
 Oral descriptions of the sound of writing with a pen on paper as live performance in Helsinki Finland as contribution to Swedish on-line artists initiative Squid curated by Martijn van Berkum

Sound scape 
Oral descriptions of the sound of writing with a pen on paper sounding from a small loudpeaker in a drawer at phoebus gallery Rotterdam. Show curated by Simon Benson

Sound scape live descriptions of sounds in the street transferred by telephone to The Player, Rotterdam curated by Justin Bennett


Words live 2 curatorial
3 evenings about performances with spoken word in different art-disciplines.
curated in cooperation with Samuel Vriezen, Cora Schmeiser and Dante Boon.

Rite 3
 Performative installation in the Laurenskerk Rotterdam, where singing voices, architectural space and the cycle of daylight merge into each other.  Performed by Cappella Gabrieli Chamber Choir

Nombres de calles (streetnames)
Participational project in the public space of San Agostin, Havana Cuba, as part of the Biennal of Havana.

Exhibtion of written books
 Library van Abbe museum Eindhoven, curated by Diana Franssen

Tim Etchells' selfportrait, drawing/photograph
Commisioned work for City Theatre Rotterdam in collaboration with Tamar de Kemp (photographer) and Tim Etchells' (writer, theatre director of Forced Entertainment)
Tim Etchells' selfportrait, performance
I perform the text in which Tim Etchells described his own portrait, while looking to my own face in a mirror. Later also just sitting on front of the public.
Names: Sections of the Brain
Oral performance with the latin names of anatomical parts of the brain.
Performance and media art festival Circus ABC, Casa Poesia, Havana, Cuba.
performance series with oral descriptions of the view on various points on a cultural line through the city of Enschede NL.
Beijerkop live video portraits
proposal for art in public space on the south bank of Rotterdam.
A portrait gallery of live video images of news readers on tv stations from all over the world. To be finished in 2009
Verhage, Dordtselaan Portraits
daily descriptions of residens/passers-by as part of Business op Zuid Rotterdam
curator: Egied Simons
Words Live 1 curatorial
3 evenings about performances with spoken word in different art-disciplines.
curated together with Samuel Vriezen, Cora Schmeiser and Dante Boon.

LICHTKRANT (light newspaper)
Cross Fading Lights Katendrecht Rotterdam NL.
Paper with four people’s describtions about the cross fade between the natural and artificial light around the Rotterdam peninsula Katendrecht. 4 papers, each paper describing sunrise and sunset of one day.
Light selfportraits
Performance/sound installation with live descriptions of light on my head.
Galeria ON Poznan Poland

Live descriptions of peoples portraits as part of a project by Mariëlle Videler's Performance Lab.
De Kunstvlaai, Westergasterrein Amsterdam NL
performance based on descriptions of subway travellers in New York, by 15 voice performers. Curator: Reinaart Vanhoe, Tent/CBK, Rotterdam NL.
Exhibition Brains Unlimited
Drawings and sound installation in exhibition about science and art in Scheltema/De Lakenhal Leiden, NL  curator: Nicole Roepers, Jetteke Bolten
Cross Fading Lights
Performance in 4 parts in the project Deli-light, Katendrecht Rotterdam NL.
with 8 observers/performers  Live streaming: Adal Fraile  Curator: Peter Fengler
Panorama Inis Oírr
performance in two versions.
Tulca (live) arts festival Galway, Ireland  Curator: Aíne Philips
Intimate Self portrait
Performance with oral descriptions of masturbation.
Lecture National College of Art and Design, Dublin Ireland.
performance based on descriptions of subway travellers in New York, by 15 actors
as part of symposium 'Brains Unlimited' Scheltema/De Lakenhal Leiden NL incollaboration with Paul Koek theatre/director of Veentheater

Trajecten (Routes)  
commissioned artwork Erasmus Medical Centre (Erasmus University Rotterdam NL
Rite 2
Performances in the frame of Traces Festival by Cluster Voices Chamber choir directed by Romain Bischoff. De Fabriek Eindhoven and Lokaal 01 Breda NL
Soundwork as contribution to the project 'Bloemlezing'
in De Vrije Schuur, Arnold Schalks Rotterdam NL

Exhibition drawings Phoebus Gallery Rotterdam NL
six week drawing project in Kentler International Drawing gallery New-York
performance by visitors reading my descriptions about people in the subway of New York, Kentler Gallery Brooklyn.
Time, Waves, Ships horn
3 vocal sculptures in consert Espacio by Cluster Voices chamber choir directed by Romain Bischoff Various performances.
Ships horn
proposal for ships-horn with voices of residents of Noorder-eiland Rotterdam NL


Residency for 3 months in Aras Eanna, Inis Oírr, Aran Islands, Ireland
hoi  commissioned artwork
Interactive work in new schoolbuilding, Het Rhedens, Dieren NL.
Het Heiligdom (Sanctuary)
sound installation performed by Dekoor olv. Jildou Talma,
De Infirmerie Leeuwarden NL  curator: Huub Mous
Panorama Inis Oírr
Performance Het Wilde Weten Rotterdam and Argument Tilburg NL
Soundinstallation with the voices of residents if Inis Oírr
Galway Arts Centre Ireland.

drawings,Phoebus Gallery, Rotterdam Art -Fair.
Lesung 6 (reading)
second performance of soundinstallation with 125 children reading from
favourite books in childrens library, Marl (D)
Names: Orbit, axial and sagittal sections
In-situ drawings with colour pencil on walls and ceiling in the residence
of Guus Vreeburg, historian Rotterdam NL
Sound installations at entrance of farms, with voices of farmers and
myself,  .Kromme Rijn- gebied Utrecht NL
Lokaal (local - locality)
Sound installations in two buildings, descibing each others space
DeOverslag, art centre Eindhoven NL.
Hart-Slag (heart beat)  commissioned work
Voorstel voor kunsttoepassing in Heerhugowaard NL (not realized)
Clouds (Finnegans Wake)
Colour pencil drawing with text fragments from Finnegans Wake on the
ceiling of Willem Kuipers’ library Amsterdam NL

Dag – nacht (Day – night)  commissioned work
site-specific artwork with sandblasted glass and LED- light,
Housing Commission Maassluis NL
Space - sound
workshop as part of symposion 'Research in motion' faculty of architecture, University of Delft NL
Taal - beweging (Language - Movement)
Workshop akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten Tilburg.
Names: The Brain, coronal and sagittal sections commissioned work
In-situ drawings with colour pencil on concrete,
Dept. of Neuroscience Faculty of Medicin Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Stream 6 (Calveen) commissioned work
in situ artwork with electronic text displays in 9 Electricity stations,
Industrial estate park Calveen, Amersfoort NL
Portraits 2
Sound installation based on interviews with prisoners,
Tchumi paviljoen Groningen NL (not realised)
Zeetijding (Sea tidings)
proposal for electronic text display giving real-time data about movements of in and outgoing sea-ships in the Port of Rotterdam NL
Ulice Warszawy (Streets of Warszaw)
sound installation with streetnames collected during recorded walks of participants,  Warsaw PL
Rivierenland (river counrty)
sound installation on churchtower with real-time communication of mariphone, Leerdam NL  curator: Kunststation
drawings together with Renate Anger and Morgan O’hara,
Phoebus Rotterdam NL

IJsselstein Zenderpark commisioned artwork
proposal for interactive artwork at tram endstation IJsselstein
(not realised)
Silence Gothique
sound installation in exhibition Gothische Reflexies, Stadsgalerij Heerlen
Curator: Felix Villanueva,
Paysage Sonore
sound installation with six voices about the wind
La Pommerie St. Sernin FR   curator:Huub Nollen
Names: Ear, axial, sagittal and coronal sections
Sound object Exhibition Acoustic Architecture - Architectural acoustics
Foundation Vedute Amsterdam NL  
Zeetijding (sea tidings) performance
geluidsperformance in project Live-samples van Angelika Oei en Rene van Ouden, Schouwburg Rotterdam NL

audio/visual project in collaboration with Jo McCambridge,
Het Plafond/GuusVreeburg Rotterdam NL,Galery h. Melbourne Australia
Names: The Head, frontal sections
Performance with singers of Ensemble Quintessens Berlin
Festival Carpe Diem, Kulturbrauerei Berljn D
Curator: Thomas Gorne
Kunstrai '98, drawings, Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam NL
Names, sections of the body
Performance  Summer-academy
Bundesakademie fur Kulturelle Gestaltung, Wolfenbuttel BRD
Rite 3
Proposal for sound in public space, project Stadsbeeld Eindhoven NL
Names: The Brain, axial sections
soundinstallation in symposium - exhibition Neuro Artonomy,
Erasmus 2Universiteit Rotterdam NL  curator: Karin Voogd
performance in the frame of 350th annual of the Treaty of Westfalen.
Munster / Osnabruck D   curator: Gail Kirkpatrick
Names: The Head, axial, sagittal and coronal sections
Performance project Eye and Ear, Duende Rotterdam NL
Portretten (portraits)
Soundinstlallation based on interviews with prisoners,
Law Courts Leeuwarden NL  curators: Ad de Laat, Huub Mous

Rite 2
Sound installation with voicesperformed by 7 male singers,
Cacaofabriek Helmond NL Hooglandse Kerk Leiden NL
advice and repetitions: Maarten Michielse
Names: The Brain, axial sections
Sound installation, Het Plafond / Guus Vreeburg Rotterdam NL
Names: The Head
performance with singers in collaboration with Gary Woodley,
St. John's College Chapel Cambridge Org. Kettle's Yard Cambridge UK
De Achterkant
installation in project Delft NL curator: Jan Grolleman
Scheepsnamen  (ships names)
proposal for project in public space, Bootshafen, Kiel BRD  (not realized)
drawings Phoebus Rotterdam NL


Movement theatre, kunstmanifestatie ' Breda schaam je' Breda NL . curotor:Moniek Toebosch Sef Peters)  Stadschouwburg Tilburg, Theater 't Hoogt Utrecht NL
Movements, galerie Julius Wijffels, Leeuwarden NL
Kijkvorm 1
Movementsculpture with light,
performed in different spaces in Noord-Brabant NL                                                                         


Schroef (screw)
Movement sculpture, performance festival Mixage, De Beyerd Breda NL


Draaiing 1 (spinning)
movement sculpture with light,
De Fabriek Eindhoven NL                         


Three movement sculptures
Apollohuis Eindhoven NL
Draaiing 2 (spinning)
Movement sculpture with ribbon,
Exhibition Kring van Beeldhouwers Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam NL


Tillen 3 (lifting)
Movementsculpture with iron pipes,
De Fabriek Eindhoven NL
Dubbele Draaiing (double spinning)
Movement sculpture in collaboration with Ricardo Anemaet,
Lokaal 01 Breda NL
24 hour movement sculpture with light,
Galerie Makkom Amsterdam , Centre for Arts Rotterdam NL


Movement-sound sculpture performed by 65 participants
electronic sound construction by Ton Bruynél
Stichting voor kunst ENNU Tilburg NL
Balans 4 (balance)
16 hour movement sculpture,
De Gele Rijder Arnhem NL


Etmaal voor Berlage (Day for Berlage)
movement-sound sculpture with collaboration of 244 participants,
Haags Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag NL
Wall 2
Movement sculpture performed with Legs Boelen,
Apollohuis Eindhoven NL
Ontmoeting (meeting)
Movement-sound sculpture performed with Ad van Iersel,
Courtyard University Tilburg NL


Rolling 1
Movement-sound sculpture performed by 20 drummers,
De Appel foundation Amsterdam NL  Curator: Frank Gribling
Movement-sound sculpture and workshop with INCA students,
Temple Bar Studios Dublin IRL  curator: Jenny Haughton
Stimmen (voices)
Movement-sound sculpture dependent on public participation,
Moltkerei Werkstatt Cologne G  curator: Elisabeth Jappe


Rolling 5
Movement-sound sculpture with participation of Inigo Grimbergen , Kunstverein Giannozzo Berlin G  curator: Rolf Langebartels
Oktet, Welle für Kassel
24 hour soundsculpture dependent on public participation,
Dokumenta 8 Kassel G
Curator: Elisabeth Jappe


Movement-sound sculpture dependent on public participation and daylight, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam NL
Schreiben 2  (writing)
Writing project with participation of artists from artist-house n Bielefeld G
Clouds 2
Movement-sound sculpture performed by members of the Black Raven Piper band, Conference on Sculpture Project Arts Centre Dublin IRL
Curator: Jenny Haughton


Clouds 3
Wall drum-drawing in collaboration with Geert Koevoets,
Galerie Ermer Berlin G
Stimmen 2
Interactive soundindtallation dependent on public participation,
Exhibition Ressourcekunst, Akademie der Kunste Berlin G
Curator: Elisabeth Jappe


Lichtwolken (Clouds of light) commissioned work in situ
Permanent interactive light installation in collaboration with                Henk Geraedts,  Employment office Gouda NL architect B.Tenge
Drawing in exhibition O.T.T.  Centraal Museum Utrecht NL
Collection Centraal Museum Utrecht NL
Movement-sound sculpture
performed by 60 drummers, O.T.T. Utrecht NL


Light construction
Light installation-wall drawing and exhibition of drawings,
Gallerie Equilibrist, St. Niklaas B
Lezing 3 (lecture 3)
Movement-sound sculpture performed by 16 persons of
different nationalities, Stichting Archief Den Haag NL


Clouds 7 commissioned work
Permanent interactive soundinstallation with voices in an elevator of the ministry of VROM Den Haag NL Architect Jan Hoogstad
De klokken van Voorne-putten
telephone-radio sculpture collecting the sounds of church bells of the former island,
Kunstmanifestatie Thalassa Voorne-Putten NL  curator: Lex Wechlaar


drawings (group) Phoebus Rotterdam NL
Ringwave 5
Movement-sound sculpture performed by 20 drummers of the Pasveer showband, Stadskantoor Leeuwarden NL (architect Jeanne Dekkers)
curator: Huub Mous
Stream 3
Sound installation in disco Fellini Traject Utrecht NL curator: Cor Blok
Stream 3
remix housemix of water levels in collaboration
with The Human Beings, Traject Utrecht NL
Collectie (Collection)
Wall drawing, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam NL  curator: Jan de Lange


Clouds 9
Wall drawing and exhibition, Galerie Ermer Berlijn D
Art fair Phoebus Rotterdam NL (group)
Names, Crossing Australia
workshop sound sculpture,
Fine Arts Dept. University of Wollongong Australië
Lecture 7
Sound sculpture with 14 voices,
Haus der Niederlände Münster G  curator: Gail Kirkpatrick


Names, Coronal sections of the head
performance in collaboration with Imke Toksoez,
Kulturcentrum Ignis Keulen / Cologne D  curator:Gunther Demnig
drawings Phoebus Rotterdam NL
theaterperformance in 4 parts
performed by 12 actors–singers, Theater Lantaren/venster Rotterdam NL