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PAE2 Performance Art Event Wolfart Projectspaces

Wolphaertstraat 25c 3082 BK Rotterdam http://wolfart.nl/

zaterdag 24 october 14.00 gratis entree

Christian Patracchini (IT/GB) performance Hester van Spijk(NL) video performance Kristel Boekhors (NL) performance Toine Horvers(NL) performance Ieke Trinks (NL) performance Marc Claeijs (NL) performance Britt Kootstra & Arvid van der Rijt (NL/FI) film performance Sigrun Gudmundsdottir (NL/ISL) performance Marieke Haandrikman (NL) performance Marta Moreno Munoz (ES/NL)(Rotterdam) video performance Abner Preis (US/ NL) Performance

Tor Line Panorama

Some years ago I took part in a performance festival in Poznán, Poland.

One part of my contribution was a real time connection between a spot in the port of Rotterdam and the festival in Poznán.

In the evening twilight I was standing on the yard of Tor Line, an active container transfer area on De Maasvlakte.

I described a 360º panorama, starting at the north, while being connected by telephone with a performer in Poznán who repeated my sentences, in the meantime turning around his center in the same speed as I did in Rotterdam.

Later I typed out the descriptions in order to perform this text for an audience in any possible space.

Those remote harbor areas with their continuous activities always appeared to me as enormous theater stages, especially in the evening with artificial lights.

My performance exists of telling what I saw on that evening, in a panorama divided in 12 segments.

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