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Copying as a ritual act, publication Dublin/Rotterdam 2011

This publication contains a collection of 600 sentences, or fragments of sentences, that I overheard from passers-by in the crowded centre of Dublin during my artists residency in the Red Stable Studios in the spring of 2011.
On the street I immediately repeated what I heard - or thought I heard - into the microphone of a recorder. In doing so, I didn't just concentrate on the words but also on the intonation and the dynamics of the fragment.
In the studio, I listened to the fragments over and over again in an attempt to write down, in words, my imitations of the sounds and to provide them with an intonation line.

By listening to the sounds and reading the notations I am able to vocally reproduce the fragments
which I did for an audience at Pallas Projects, an artist run space in Dublin.
Visitors were able to recognise dialogue in sounds that sometimes were for me completely abstract.
I realised then that something similar happened to me when reading Joyce's Finnegans Wake out loud: by pronouncing words that seemed meaningless in print, I often became aware of a name or a meaning.
see also: Copying as a ritual act

The publication contains reproductions of 60 numbered A4 notation sheets, each of which contain 10 handwritten fragments of speech, together with an audio-cd of 60 numbered tracks in which the fragments can be listened to.

I dedicate this publication to my mother Wiesje Horvers-Vlamings, who would often entertain our family with perfect imitations of the characteristic ways of speaking of our shop's customers.

voice and writing: Toine Horvers
sound recording: Charley van Rest, Silent M studios Rotterdam
scanning and printing: Ernst Dinkla Eindhoven
A4 sheets: Bond 90 grs
pencil: Faber Castell 2B
cd-duration: 59:17 minutes
edition: 50 copies
price: 50 €

13.11.2011 20.00 Soirée Parole
Recyclart Ursulinenstraat 17 rue des Ursulines Brussels
An evening with word-works, hosted by Myriam van Imschoot.
With interventions and performances by: Toine Horvers NL Jo Huybrechts B Floor Van Leeuwen NL K.G. Gutman CA Jack Hauser AT
I will perform my written/spoken text Sound scape in a Dutch as well as an English version.

Rolling 1 1986 Nederlands instituut voor mediakunst Amsterdam
The video archive of De Appel, which is part of the collection of NIMK, recently achieved a 18 minute summary of the registration of the performative installation Rolling 1 which took place in 1986 in De Appel's location on Prinseneiland and documented on video by Frank Gribling.
The summary is made by Mels van Zutphen in 2011

Boekie-woekie Berenstraat 16 Amsterdam 5 pm
In this bookshop for artists editions I will perform my written/spoken work Writing Lecture 2010

Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) Weserstrasse 165 Berlin 20.00 punktlich.
Tochnit Aleph, Berlin label for experimental music and sound-poetry is going to publish a compilation-cd with selected sound recordings from my performances and installations 1981-2004
On the evening of the release I will present a short performance dealing with the musical concept of Unisono, or Monophony.