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{id="919" title="Clouds 7"} VROM building (Jan Hoogstad 1992) Den Haag

Clouds 7 VROM 1992 - 2015
this voice-sound installation in the c-block elevators of the Ministry of Housing, Planning and environment in Den Haag, does not exist anymore.
Due to other destinations and renovations of this highly experimental building (Jan Hoogstad 1990) along with stricter technical safety conditions for the lift shafts, the installation had to be dismantled.
It was installed in 1992 as the result of a 1% commission for art by Rijksgebouwendienst, and renovated in 2008.
see and hear: Clouds 7

Scheepshoorn 2004
Arte Concordia Rotterdam
Olphaert den Otter, this year’s curator of this sculpture exhibition, invited me to open the exhibition with my voice-performance Scheepshoorn (Ships horn) originally developed for Joe Cillen's MS Noordereiland in 2004.
At 4 pm 18 voices will sound along the Avenue Concordia for exactly 3 minutes and 16 seconds.

MIAM Centre for advanced studies in music Istanbul
Related to my Istanbul residency in may/june this year where I concentrated on the relation between ceremonial aspects of Turkish classical music and ritualistic forms and procedures in my own work, MIAM invited me for a workshop with their students.

Rotation 2015
Seeds is a series of performance events with music and poetry, organized by musician Benjamin Strauch at Huys te Krooswijk in Rotterdam.
Rotation is inspired by the eternal rotating movement as an important metaphor in the ideas and ceremonies of the Mevlevi Sufi-order.
Paradijsplein 1 3034 SL

Waves 2011
Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle UK
In relation to Fiona Tan's exhibition DEPOT, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts organizes a symposium on the concept of sea.
I will perform Waves, a one-hour description of the waves on the west coast of Ireland, with the participation of students of Northumbria University.

Arf Arf on tour
this ensemble of Melbourne experimental artists/filmmakers/sound poets is touring in Europe during october, performing a.o. at:
22.10 Croxhapox Centre for Experimental Art, Ghent www.croxhapox.org
30.10 Beursschouwburg Brussels as part of Braublff 4, a series of events on language and sound in collaboration with De Player Rotterdam www.deplayer.nl
31.10 De Player Rotterdam as part of Braublff 4
01.11 4 pm Wallgallery Rotterdam as part of Braublff 4. On this sunday afternoon Arf Arf will perform, seated around the table with guest performers and audience.

03.11 departure for India
following my interest in the relation between forms and procedures in expressions of rituality and my own work as an artist, it was my wish to be in India for a period of time.
Thanks to a guestteachership at the art department of Srishti University in Bangalore, I have a possibility to stay for 3 months.