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One Voice Prague, Echofluxx2012 sound festival Prague performed with Marcus Bergner, Mojmir Pukl and José Pablo Torrescano Estrada {id="2178" title="one voice prague"}

19.04 One Voice Prague
Dan Senn organizes an annual sound art festival Echofluxx in Prague.
This year I take part with a piece for four male voices: One Voice Prague, based on the concept of unisono. The personal data of the four performers will be pronounced in unisono in their respective languages. Marcus Bergner from Australië, Mojmir Pukl from Czech Republic, José Pablo Torrescano Estradas from Mexico and myself.
see also: one voice prague

Panorama Rijnhaven
Filmmaker Karel Doing asked me to describe a panorama from the new Rijnhavenbridge, as part of a Rotterdam-tv. program about city-architecture.
I started before sunrise and finished at full daylight. Karel composed some fragments of the panorama to a whole.

Magaio Unison

The organisation of Binaural Magaio in Portugal asked Myriam van Imschoot and me to record our oral answers to some questions about our collaborative work Vozes de Magaio during the residency, in order to serve as over-voice for a video documentation.
We decided to answer the interview questions in parallel with each other, due to the concept of collaboration as well as creating a test for my ideas about the musical phenomenon of Unison.
Magaio Unison

, Beijerlandselaan Rotterdam
a work in public space in collaboration with Rotterdam artist Paul Cox commissioned by CBK and executed by V2_lab.
A real-time portrait gallery with portraits of newsreaders from television stations all over the world.
The displays will be installed in week 18. The system is running, the official launching will take place on the 5th of June.

Samuel Vriezen: Sharing Multiplicity
My search for a text about the fascinating musical phenomenon Unison - various instruments perform one melody in parallel with each other - brought me to composer/poet Samuel Vriezen. On my request he described his thoughts about the item.
His text - which was performed by me in parallel with Marcus Berger for an audience in Berlin - was recently published on The Ear Reader, on-line magazine for contemporary musical composition: