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the {id="749" title="Scheepshoorn (ship's horn)"}-team, Woordnacht Rotterdam 10.05.2014 image: Marion Busch

10.05 8 - 12 pm
Woordnacht Rotterdam: Scheepshoorn (ship's horn)
As a contribution to this literature festival taking place in various venues along the 'literary' line Central Station - West Zeedijk, I performed Scheepshoorn (Ships horn, 4 vocal sculptures 2004).
Exactly on the whole hour between 8 and 12 pm the nine calls sounded along the water of the Westersingel (opposite Phoebus Gallery) with the voices of: Olphaert den Otter, Guus Vreeburg, Arnold Schalks, Meindert Velthuis and myself.
listen at: Scheepshoorn (ship's horn)

15.05 8.30 - 9.30pm
Sub urban video lounge at Media Wall Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Screening of some representative works of the video lounge, compiled by Kathrin Wolkowicz and Toine Horvers, while talking with Hugo Bongers en Ferdinand Ronteltap, curators of the video wall.
From 15.05 - 06.06 our one-hour program will be screened on wednesdays at 3 pm (exept sundays) and, in turn with photography, also at 8.30 pm.

21.05 - 24.05
Beijerkoppen, Dutch Electronic Art Festival V2.
Under the tag Satellite > public art, V2 directs at this work in public space on the Southbank of Rotterdam developed in collaboration with Paul Cox and V2.

23.05 9 - 10 pm
presentation Suburban video lounge at De Kunstvlaai, Amstelpark Amsterdam
'In Memoriam Bart Vegter' was compiled in 2012 in honour of this important Rotterdam experimental filmmaker who died in 2011. It was screened in the video lounge in collaboration with the International Rotterdam Filmfestival.
Besides some of Bart's works the compilation contains works of artists of which we thought were good company.

26.05 - 01.06
Twathrin: The last compilation.
Kathrin and I will step back from the video lounge, in order to concentrate on our own art practice. We trust in the continuation of the program by enthusiastic new curators.
As a final celebration of an energetic and interesting collaboration we show some of our own works.
On sunday 1st of june at 4 pm you are welcome for a drink and a chat.

Cellar Noises, Urban Explorers Festival, Dordrecht,
Nico Parlevliet invited artists to work with sound in one of the old cellars in the centre of Dordrecht.
My contribution will be based on and performed at the cellar of Voorstraat 142.
Other artists: Pierre Bastien, Hannes Walrafen, Ricardo Huisman, Margriet Kickass, Mark Dion