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DAY am/pm at Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) Berlin 18.04.2015 photograph: Daniél Lówenbruch {id="2387" title="DAY am/pm"}

18.04.2015 00.01 am - 11.06 pm
DAY am/pm (Real space – real time)
Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) Am Treptower Park 17 Berlin
The performances start at one minute past the hour and last for exactly 5 minutes.
Open for the public from 10 pm on.

In 'Real space - Real time' (performed at Explorers festival Dordrecht 2014 and OCW Rotterdam 2015) I attempt to speak simultaneous with the BBC World Service news reader. BBC News Live is broadcasted one minute past each hour.
Connected via the internet I listen to the news via headphones, while at the same time repeating the news readers words with as little as possible delay.
Except for the text I focus on copying the speaker's accent, diction and intonation.

For DAY am/pm at Rumpsti Pumsti (Music) event and shop for experimental art, I will commit myself to all 24 News Live broadcasts of the day, the first one starts at 00.01 am and the last one finishes at 11.06 pm.
The performances will be recorded and published by Tochnit Aleph as double cd.
DAY am/pm

23.04.2015 7 pm
Golven (Waves) Croxhapox, Lucas Munichstraat 76 Ghent Belgium
Golven is based on a 60 minute hand-written observation of the waves of the Atlantic ocean on Inis Oírr, the smallest of the Aran Islands on the west coast of Ireland on the 22nd of april 2011.
By re-writing the text while at the same time pronouncing it at the speed of writing, the period of observation will be represented in the right proportions of time.

At Croxhapox, Golven will exist as a multi-voiced sound performance.
The voices, spread over the space, will flow into one, due to the active acustics of Croxhapox's exhibition halls.

05.05.2015 - 10.05.2015

Stay in Izmir, Turkey. Presentation and performance at audio-visual departement of IUE (Izmir University of Economics) organized by Cem Güney, composer, who participated in my performance One Voice in Düsseldorf 2013.

11.05.2015 - 11.06.2015
Stay in Istanbul, Turkey at NIT (Nederlands Instituut Turkije)
Since some years I am strongly aware of the relation between basic ritual aspects of a.o. Arab/Ottoman classical music (monophony/unison/repetition), and comparable formal concepts in my work as an artist (oneness/simultaneity/imitation).
Thanks to financial support by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, I have a chance to expand this relation in a meeting with the city where Ottoman/Islamic culture was at its peak.

Kruithuis s'Hertogenbosch NL
Panorama Inis Oírr 2004
Ligne 15 organizes an expanded art event during the entire month of june.
As part of the program of Verhalendag (day of Story telling) I will perform my panorama, in which I describe the 360º view from one point on the smallest of the Aran islands on the west coast of Ireland.
see for the full program: www.erhangtietsindelucht.nl/‎