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performing Arf Arf sound poetry with Marcus Berger and Doreen Kutzke in Rumpsti Pumsti, Berlin 29.06.2013 image Daniël Löwenbruch

14.07 3 - 6 pm V2 Rotterdam
I will read from 'Copying as a ritual act' 2011 Dublin 2011, as part of an afternoon with performances and soundpoetry initiated by Inge Hoonte and Piet Zwart Institute.
In the frame of Piet Zwart graduation show.

26/27.07 Wandelweiser: Klangraum, Kunstraum Düsseldorf
Wandelweiser is an international composers group, based in Düsseldorf and founded by Antoine Beuger. Besides concerts, Wandelweiser organizes poetry and art performances most of which deal with sound and text.
In the Klangraum Sommerseries I will perform some works with the coöperation of others:
friday 26:
- One Voice, a new version with Antoine Beuger DE, José Pablo Estrada Torrescano MX, Cem Güney TR.
- Tijd (time) 1998 counting seconds in 5 languages
- Sound scape (writing) 2010 solo
- News of the world 2013 solo
saturday 27
- Waves 2010 solo

12.10 Walgenbach Art Books Rotterdam: Book launch
MEI geluid van vogels in een duindal op de kop van Schouwen op 07.05.2013
een uur voor zonsopkomst en een uur na zonsondergang
May, bird sounds in a dune valley at the head of Schouwen on 07.05.2013
one hour before sunrise, one hour after sunset
with talks and performances by Myriam van Imschoot /Doreen Kutzke,
Cora Schmeiser, Ted Sluijter……

De Slibreeks, a series of small books by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zeeland, has a long tradition. Each year three writers, poets or visual artists are invited to produce a book.
I was invited by Marinus van Dijke, visual artist and one of the editors of the series, to create number 142.
My book is a two hour time table which I fill in with notations about the sounds of birds, as observed and described on the 7th of may, during one hour before sunrise and after sunset. The location for my observations is the coast of the island Schouwen in Zeeland, where the beach meets the bush.
The book will appear in Dutch language in an edition of 600 copies
Design: Koos Siep
test corrections: Dick van Teylingen