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Zeetijding, performance as part of the exhibition The Dutch Identity by Mister Motley, Museum De Paviljoens Almere

05.08.2012 12 am - 12 pm Rolling 6 sound sculpture Luchtsingel Rotterdam with participation of 16 drummers.

at 12 am a group of 4 drummers will start rolling on snare drums at the Central Station side as well as the Hofbogen side of the Luchtsingel.
Each minute both groups will move one meter further in each other's direction.
Following this system the unbroken drum sound will move over the 720 meter long route in 12 hours.
At 6 pm both groups will pass each other at the middle of the route near the Biergarten and continue their line in order to end the process at Central Station- and Hofbogen side at 12 pm.
With special thanks to Brass Band School-teacher Jason Steba for organizing participating drummers from Antillean brass bands.

12 am, 18 pm Singelstemmen a sound sculpture by Toine Horvers and Myriam van Imschoot.
In a movement, guided by throwing dices, performers will possess various points at the 720 meter route of the Luchtsingel. On these points they will call aloud the spatial coordinates of that point. The process continues until the performers reach one of the ends of the route.

For Singelstemmen Toine and Myriam are looking for at least 20 participants who have a voice and like to use it in English or Dutch from 12:00 and 18:00 (with a break in between). Lunch and dinner will be provided. At 10:30 all participants assemble for a briefing moment to learn more about the instructions and game structure that determines their actions during the performance.

Rolling 6 and Singelstemmen have been conceived in response to the invitation by Sculpture International Rotterdam to conclude the International Architecture Biennale with a couple of performances that inaugurate the Luchtsingel (ZUS architects), an alternative architectonic promenade between the Central Station and the former station Hofplein at the Hofbogen.
More performances at the Luchtsingel:
4 and 12th of august: IRC2012 by Toine Klaassen and Lin Zwamborn

Mister Motley nr. 32: Zeetijding Maassluis
Art magazine Mister Motley 32 on The Dutch Identity included my text on Zeetijding Maassluis performed in may 2011 (look under De Rotterdamse Haven) . During 8 days between sunrise and sunset I call aloud information about ships passing Maassluis Harbour while entering or leaving Rotterdam via the Nieuwe Waterweg. .

22.06 - 23.09 Zeetijding
Installation/performance Museum De Paviljoens Almere
On the occasion of Mister Motley's edition on the Dutch Identity De Paviljoens create an exhibition called: De Nederlandse identiteit? Half suiker half zand. De geschiedenis door de ogen van Mister Motley. An exhibition with 33 Dutch artists.
My contribution to the exhibition is a new real-time version of orally announcing in- and out going ships in the Port of Rotterdam, thanks to Fa. Dirkzwager Maritieme Informatie Maassluis.
Will be performed again on sunday 26th of august and 9 and 23th of september from 12 till 5 pm.
Info: http://www.depaviljoens.nl/