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Clouds 7 VROM building Den Haag NL

Rite 2
11.10.2008 Laurenskerk Rotterdam

During 'De nacht van Messiaen' a few short sound fragments of Rite 2 will be performed as intermezzi, by the singers of Cappella Gabriƫli, directed by Maarten Michielsen.
Rite 2 (1995 - 2007 is a performative installation in which sound, space and the cycle of light melt together.
Rite 2 is based on gregorian chants and the five light states of one day: darkness, morning twilight, daylight, evening twilight and darkness.


On the 21st of march 2009 a following version, Rite 3, will be performed in the Laurenskerk
In this version the songs for the five light states will be written by the composer Joop Voorn, based on texts by Dick van Teylingen.
On the 21st of march the moments of performance will be 00.00, 06.00, 12.00, 18.00 and 23.00 hr. The duration of each performance is one hour.

'De nacht van Messiaen' saturday 22.15 - 01.00 hr. Livre du Saint Sacrement for organ performed by Bert den Hartog and Codarts students.

Verhage, Dordtselaan portretten Marathon reading
saturday 18.10.2008 14.00 - 18.00 hr.

all 39 portraits read in one afternoon

Verhage, Dordtselaan portretten ia an expanded performance as a contribution to the exhibition 'Business op Zuid' a project curated by Egied Simons with artists working in shops and small enterprises at the Dordtselaan, a big city street on the Rotterdam southbank, a street with a mixed population, with problems and beauties, a street as a never ending story.....

Since 15 years I live in this street and all the time Verhage Fast Food was there, the most friendly and multicultural snackbar I know. Every resident of the Dordtselaan has once or frequently visited this venue. Verhage saw all of them: If Verhage could tell.....
At 6 pm each day (exept on sundays) I read aloud a short description of a Dordtselaan resident or passer-by - for those who want to hear it - at Verhage's snackbar. A portrait of somebody I just had my eye on that day, or somebody I know and who's portrait I always wanted to make: a small daily ritual as a contemplation on a lively street.
The descriptions take only a few minutes: when you were not there, you simply missed it.


06.09 - 18.10 daily at 6 pm (exept on sundays)
Verhage Fast Food Putsebocht 135 Rotterdam

Clouds 7 (1992 - 2008) revised
VROM Ministry Den Haag NL

This sound-installation in the elevators of the c-block of VROM ministerial building (Jan Hoogstad 1990) in Den Haag is recently revised and functioning again.
Thanks to Wim Vletter, Imtech Maintainance and Michiel van de Pol, VROM Buildings, the 16 year old installation has been given a new life.
Built by Harry Stokman and Paul Spaanderman, both hard- and sofware specialists of Steim (Studios for electro-instrumental music) in Amsterdam in 1991, the installation was protected over the years by a maintainance program initiated by VROM's elevator and transport departement.
But nothing lasts for ever and the used electronic systems got too old.
The technicians of Hellas Rectifiers, Harry Stokman's company in Eindhoven, had a hard job in finding the compattible equipment for the update.
I am very happy that the voices - recorded in 1990 with students of the Sweelinck Conservatorium with the help of Tom Sol and Daan Manneke - are again spreading their heavenly sounds through the c-block elevator shaft: weather-depending.