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liggen / lying

Every now and then, I briefly describe the bodily positions Jo and myself are laying in as we awaken.
Still half asleep, usually with my eyes closed, I try to work out our positions in relation to one another and in relation to gravity.
46 of those descriptions are collected in a book, published in-house in a Dutch and English version.

title English: lying
editing: Kathrin Wolkowicz, with thanks to Guus Vreeburg for advice and corrections.
translation: Rosie Heinrich
graphic design: Koos Siep
print: GB 't Hooft Rotterdam
size: 11,5 x 17 cm
96 pages
edition: 2 x 150 copies
ISBN  978-90-830038-1-8
price: 15 € + postage 
price for both Dutch and English: 25 € + postage
If you want to order: pay at my bank account NL78INGB0006146476  BIC/swift INGBNL2A or sent an email to toine@toinehorvers.nl
If you order let me know if you want the Dutch or English version or both
with warm regards,
Toine Horvers

text example:

I am lying on my right side, Jo on her left, turned towards me.
My right hand is spread beneath my head, the thumb against my crown, my little finger on my forehead.
My left arm bridges the distance between my own hip and Jo’s.
I feel the weight of my arm in my wrist pressed against Jo’s hip bone, while the hand itself is relaxed on the surface of her buttock.
Jo’s left forearm is at an angle across her face, the elbow near her chest, her hand beside her head.
Her forearm covers part of her face.
Her mouth is exposed, I feel her breath on my face.
My head is a little lower than hers.
I feel how the weight of my upper torso is pushing my arm and shoulder into the mattress.