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names: meridians

multi-vocal speech performances

During the past years I developed a series of performances where I call the names of the wind directions in the relevant directions.
It is obvious that the movements in these solo performed works, always consist of the
sequence of the words north east south west.
With more voices, however, those words can sound together in the relevant directions.

Departing from the idea that each of us can read and pronounce words, and searching for the shortest possible connection between the performer and the work, I create situations in which I can invite people to perform these works with me, in their own language or dialect and with only a brief instruction.
The location for such a situation is preferably someone’s living- or work room; a place for a small group to come together, and with an acoustics in which also untrained voices can be heard.
On the location chairs will be placed in four directions. I invite four people to perform one of the works. For another work this can be other people present.

Basically the performances need 4 voices but with some extra voices it is possible to switch. Everyone present (10 max.) is both performer and listener. There is no audience.

If you are interested to perform these works with me in your own living/work space, please invite me, together with some interested friends of yours. Duration is about one hour.

works sofar:
names: meridians
We depart, each in one of four directions, for a journey around the world, starting and ending at the north pole. In a given time schedule we pronounce the names of countries, cities, seas, mountains and rivers that the assigned meridian passes.
A fifth voice indicates the passage of time: the distances/silences between the names.
names: wind directions
We pronounce the names of the wind directions in various languages.
One of us gives the name of the language, after which we pronounce the name of our assigned wind direction in the relevant language.
panorama north east south west.
We describe our view in the wind direction assigned to us in one vertical movement.
The description starts at 0º, the bottom. Every 3 minutes the viewing angle rises;
45º, 90º, 135º and ends at 180º, the view straight above.
The changes of the viewing-angle are indicated.

places and data sofar:
after a first session on may 28 with some friends in Rotterdam, performances will take place on june 8 at studio Katrin Jaquet in Berlin, on june 14 at Myriam and Marcus in Brussels, june 15 at Jos and Geerten in Dordrecht, june 23 in the workplace of Marinus and Agnes (Block-C) in Groningen, june 29 at Guus and Willem's in Rotterdam and november 2 in Geerts studio in Tilburg.