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Zeetijding Maassluis photograph Marinus van Dijke

22.05 - 29.05 Zeetijding Maassluis (report)

Zeetijding Maassluis was very succesful, that is to say: I found it fantastic! Consistently performed from sunrise till sunset, with a voice that proved to be strong enough to sound very loud into the area through a beautiful brass horn (lend to me by Arnold Schalks), the perfectly up to date digital nautic information given to me by neighbour Royal Dirkzwager, a great spot along the wide water of the Nieuwe Waterweg and the picturesque Maassluis harbor, the former custom's house with the panoramic view functioning again as a comfortable office for collecting details about the passing ships and filling in forms and weather circumstances varying between summer and winter temperatures, bright sun and dark grey clouds, storm and rain, the water always appearing in different light and color.
But also the people of Maassluis were in some way touched by hearing real time reports about the subject that plays such an important role in their history and lives. They were always there: the retired seamen sitting on the benches on the lee side of the house, listening critically to my reports, the couples being out for a cycle and always stopping for some time to be at the waterside, the people who follow the movements of the ships via the internet and come out to watch them as they pass by, the people who thought this was my regular job: Maassluis will miss me now!
During 144 hours I called aloud the information of 913 passing ships varying in tonnage between 500 and 50.000, with average intervals of less than 9 minutes, starting with Ryndam cruise ship coming from Dover and passing Maassluis at 05.30 on sunday the 22nd, ending with the Endurance container ship from Harlingen passing at 21.45 on sunday the 29th.
I was assisted for many hours by Magdeleen van Eersel, Marinus van Dijke, Micheline van Neste, Geertrui van de Craats (who also brought me a lovely meal) Tessa de Swart and Guus Vreeburg.
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21.05 - 02.07
In- and outside - writing. Voorkamer Lier Belgium
I show some written drawings in this exhibition exploring the area when writing and drawing are most closely related, based on a research project by St. Lukas Gent and University of Arts London. Co-curated by Morrens en De Boe Productions and Marc Nagtzaam. www.voorkamer.be

03.06 - 24.07
Marked differences. A selection from the flatfiles of Kentler Drawing Centre Brooklyn NY
Some of the drawings from my Kentler residency in 2004 were chosen for this show, curated by Roberta Wadell (NY Public Library) www.kentlergallery.org

15.06 -
The art gallery of Radboud University in Nijmegen will show my handwritten books.

12.09 - 09.10
Project/residency Binaural Voicescapes, Aldeias de Magaio, Portugal
I will take part in this project about the voice in rural landscapes in collaboration with Myriam van Imschoot, writer artist performer from Brussels.

exhibition of drawings/books and performance, DOK Delft.