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Light-selfportrait 2007

Phoebus Rotterdam, Eendrachtsweg 61 Rotterdam
Exhibition of drawings
My most recent artwork is the book moving - writing, 120 brief descriptions of works in time and space published since 1979 in performances and installations.
In order to be able to finance the book I hope to sell some drawings during this weekend: buying an existing work supports the realization of a new work. But you are more than welcome to just look at the works.
see also:  PhoebusRotterdam
and: http://www.facebook.com/PhoebusRotterdam/

During the exhibition I will present two performance works:
- Copying as a ritual act,  Dublin 2011(part) thursday 01.11 4 pm 
- Inis Oírr panorama N.E.S.W, Aran Islands 2004 sunday 04.11 4 pm

02.11.2018  8 pm
Theater aan de Laan, Dordtselaan 19 Rotterdam
First of a series of performance events organized by Gerwin Luijendijk. This edition of language/word performances is curated by Kathrin Wolkowicz.
I will contribute part of my text performance Writing Lecture from 2010.
Other contributions by Marcus Bergner, Rachel Carey, PQI (Patricia Pluijmers), G.J. de Rook, Heyer Thurnheer, Kathrin Wolkowicz.

11.11.2018 4 pm
Tale of a Tub, Justus van Effencomplex Rotterdam
In this historical social housing complex (Michiel Brinkman 1921) I will perform a collection of my recent series of rotational vocal movements in the acoustics of both the bath house and courtyards of the complex.
- Rotation 1, 2, 3 solo, bath house
- Inis Oírr panorama N.E.S.W, Aran Islands 2004 solo, bath house
- Double Rotation 1 2018 premiere, with Geert van Mil in two oppositional courtyards behind the bath house.

opening of Grand Pictura Portrait gallery Dordrecht.
In memory of the the Dordtse Synode, 400 years ago, Pictura organized a project with portraits of 100 Dordrecht residents.
I contribute a spoken portrait of Ilse Schrier, which description will be vocally present in the exhibition.
(more info later)