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Crimmp 23
Draaien/Rotating solo presentation by Toine Horvers at OCW Drievriendenstraat 26 Rotterdam
13/14/15 january 2017

'Rotating' initially is a collection of movements which, in an earlier period, I would have pointed out as studies, but now concisely represent my ideas about time and space, independent from a given situation.
Besides describing movements in words and sentences, I recently concentrated in my studio on physical movements/movement-sequences, based on circling and rotating of my body and voice.
In those works I am in the centre: the human figure as pivotal energy.
Besides my body and my voice, language plays an important role in those movements.
Since many years the basic material for my work is language, by the notion that language fully depends on imagination and can be projected in space and time by my voice.
The re-description of all my works since 1979, reminded me about circles, cycles and circular movements in my earlier works. In 'Draaien' I will represent some of those works vocally.

We decided to do this in Dutch language. Important texts however will be presented in English in printed form.

- text Draaiing 1 De Fabriek Eindhoven 1981
- Rotation 1 2015
- text Day Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam 1985
- Rotation 2 2016
- text Heiligdom (Exodus 25 - 27) Leeuwarden 2003
- Rotation 3 2016
- Tor Line Panorama 2009
- text Ringwave 3 Stadsschouwburg Tilburg 1987
- Draaiing 3 1982
In line with Crimmp's tradition the same program will be presented on each of the three evenings. Dutch spoken, important texts will be available in English on paper.

Drievriendenstraat is at walking distance from Rotterdam Central station.
You are requested to reserve your place through arnosch@wxs.nl.