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V2 Eendrachtsstraat Rotterdam Thursday 20.05 8 pm

Beijerkoppen is a public art project by Toine Horvers and Paul Cox.

For this project V2 developed a search system and further needed software.

On this Test_Lab evening the result will be presented live and explained by the artists and the V2-developers.

Beijerkoppen is the answer on a CBK-request for art in three concrete frames in a wall of the new Media-markt on the Beijerlandselaan (De Zwarte Hond architects)

The artwork should make a connection between the building and the multi-cultural atmosphere of this colourful street on the south bank of Rotterdam.

Toine Horvers and Paul Cox proposed to change the set of screens into a live portrait gallery, with the talking heads of news readers from all over the world.

The heads would appear on 3 x 3,5 meter led-video screens in nearly real-time, as close to the actuality as possible. Passers-by should be able to hear the news readers' voices from small loudspeakers.

V2 developed software by which - over 24 hours - as many as possible international TV- channels can be scanned on news programs and more exact on the heads of the news readers.

For further information see: Beijerkoppen

Test_Lab Urban Screen savers

Rather than debating the medium's hypothetical possibilities, Test_Lab: 'Urban screen savers' will critically reflect on the urban screen as an artistic medium on the basis of live demonstrations.

As is customary at V2's Test_Lab, the audience will form a hands-on critical test panel for the demonstrated artworks.

Further in Urban screen savers: Michelle Teran, Ubermatic (CA) Gunnar Green, TheGreenEyl (DE) Matthias Oostrik (NL) Rui Guerra, INTK (PT)

V2 Institute for the Unstable Media, Eendrachtsstraat 10 Rotterdam www.v2.nl