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Grafton Street Dublin

01.03 - 01.05
Residential stay in Red Stables international studio,
Red Stables, St. Ann's Park, Mount Prospect Avenue, Dublin 3, Ireland.

Broadcast Gallery Dublin Institute of Technology Fine Art Department St Josephs Convent Portland Row Dublin 1 http://www.broadcastgallery.ie
5 pm talk and presentation on my work and more specific on my Dublin project at Pallas Projects: Copying as a ritual act
7 pm performance Writing Lecture 2010

06.04 - 23.04
Pallas Projects /Studios Dominick street lower, Dublin http://www.pallasprojects.org/site
Performance and exhibition
My project for Pallas, Copying as a ritual act, is based on fragments of speech that I recorded from passers-by in the crowded streets in Dublin City.
06.04 8 till 9 pm performance Copying as a ritual act. For one hour I will re-vocalise examples of fragments that I collected in the streets.
15.04 6 till 7 pm performance / installation Copying as a ritual act, with participation of students from DIT and NCAD. Participants/observers in the streets repeat fragments of speech of passers-by in their mobile phone. Participants/receivers in the gallery reproduce these fragments for an audience.

15.05 - 29.05
Zeetijding (sea tidings) Duanehuisje Maassluis NL
During this period I will stay in the small former customs house, situated at the meeting between Maassluis Harbour and De Nieuwe Waterweg, in order to call aloud each message about in- and outgoing ships in the port of Rotterdam, which messages I receive on my laptop from Dirkzwager Maritime information & service provider Maassluis
Call for assistance
In order to be able to continue this activity over 24 hours a day, I would like to get in touch with people who want to help me for a couple of hours or a day with this job.
The Douanehuisje is on a lovely quiet place along the water where many ships pass by. When the weather is good one can sit outside on a bench and wait for the next message to come up from the computer.
If you are interested please contact me at: toine@toinehorvers.nl

21.05 4 till 11 pm.
Sub Urban video lounge and Goethe-Institut Rotterdam present:
Sub urban live: Music & Film Goethe-Institut - locatie Rotterdam Westersingel 9
live-presentation of works in which music and film are conceptually interwoven, either by collaboration between filmmaker and musician or by the individual artist who combines both disciplines.
Karel Doing Michal Osowsky Jacky Sawatzky Wende Bartley Stephanie Pan Inga Schneider Pierre Bastien Heleen van Haegenborg Lukas Simonis Huib Emmer Nina Hitz Joost van Veen Kaoru Iwamura Florian Cramer Cora Schmeiser Marcus Kaiser Antoine Beuger